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Android is an open-source operating system developed by Google LLC which is the most popular and user-friendly. Last quarter of 2023, Google has been released the Android 14 final version. The name of this Android version is UpsideDownCake. It comes with many new features. In Android 14, Google glanced at security and privacy very seriously.

Android 14

Android 14's New Features

  1. Font Size: Font size on Android 13 was 130%. In this Android version, Google also focused on font size and extends it to 200%.
  2. Privacy and Security: Definitely, Google provides higher privacy and security on this OS. Backdated Android applications can't run on this operating system.
  3. Only Reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: First time Google added Reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option on Reset Options setting. The beneficial feature is no need for Factory Data Reset to reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data.

Android 14 Release Date

The first developer Preview has been released in February 2023 and the second developer Preview has been released in March 2023. Then, in April 2023 Google has been released the beta version of this OS, and the duration of the beta version is 2 months (April-May). The next two months (Jun-July) are platform stability which is the final testing for release. Finally, the last quarter of 2023 Google has been released the public version of this OS.

Android 14 Release Date

Data & Image Source: Android Developer

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